Private Events  

At TIA's Table, we truly understand the importance life’s special moments and occasions, and want to help you turn them into celebrations and memories that will be remembered forever.

Social Full Service

When it comes to planning the food for your event, you don’t need to spend your time running around worrying about all the details, that’s our job. We will walk you through the entire food  process, offering suggestions along the way, to help you plan a memorable menu without all the extra effort. So you can focus solely on spending time with your guests!

Customized Menus

Our flexible menus can be customized based on your personal taste, along with the style and setting of your event. With thousands of recipes and an array of specialty and ethnic dishes, we’ll help you design the perfect menu. And, if you have dietary restrictions, special needs or allergies of any kind, no problem! We can accommodate all types of diets and restrictions without compromising on quality or taste.

Unique Dining

Our team has a fierce dedication to quality, presentation, and service that leaves no room for compromise. We’ll make sure that even the smallest details aren’t overlooked.

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