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TIA's Table and The Cayman Book

A few weeks ago TIA's Table had the pleasure of closing off the last article in the new magazine that will be gracing the beautiful Cayman Islands and the North America countries this coming November.

"it is all about the freshness for us"

Pink Duck Publishing, the team behind this amazing art work was treated to a carefully crafted menu by us. Located in a glorious beachfront villa called Evolution, an experience which will be explored in a new feature article for ‘The Cayman Book’.

Luxury Cayman Villas provided the breathtaking backdrop, a seven-bedroom villa at the edge of Bodden Town, complete with an infinity pool, porch deck, and boat dock. The creation of the menu was inspired by the Vegan and Veterinarian of the Pink Duck team, we decided to bring the other members into their world and not the other way around which is what normally takes please. Cooking up a unique five-course meal, with offerings like pumpkin and coconut soup and gnocchi with cashew cheese sauce. We went 85% local on this menu from our farm and other local farms around the island. The process was amazing and reminded us once again why we take our time with each client, ensuring that they receive nothing but the best.

It brought so much joy and passion to nurture a local pumpkin given to us for Mr. Jr. Hydes' backyard, caring for it and bring its prime flavors to the table. Home cut herbs, done on the day of dining while singing through the green house and locally eye pick red snapper from our amazing fisher men on our waterfront port . It was an absolute pleasure to bring incredible flavors to our evening, that or clients didn't even expect. TrifectaFilmKY provided their outstanding filming and brought nothing but mind blowing service to the table for the night. I am always in WOW, when working with this talented company of the Cayman Islands. Our servers came from none other then UndergroundKY with there professional on top of it all serving.

Be on the look out for this amazing magazine and the article giving full inside to this dinning and many more questions into TIA's Table.

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