Frequently asked questions

How do I place a HoneyGrazed order?

Click the Honey Grazed Store, there you will be able to purchase your box. Happy Grazing

TIA's Table Ltd. & COVID-19

We at TIA's Table Ltd have always strictly recommend that our Chefs and staff adopt safety food practices as well as proper hand hygiene to reduce exposure and transmission of any range of illnesses. We stand firmly by this and continue to do so.

If I send a message, how long before I get a response?

We ask that you give use 24hours to respond.

How can I order eggs from Backyard Farming?

This can be done in our HoneyGrazed Store. Eggs are delivered once items are avaliable.

What days does HoneyGrazed Deliver?

We are working on bringing more days to you. However, right now we currently only deliver on the below days. Grazing Boxes: Friday & Saturday Banana Bread: Wednesday