Tia'  to go

Our to go section brings a little of our private offering to life every day. Each item is made fresh with the best their is to offer. 

Items available on Wednesday and Friday for delivery only.

Our banana breads are made fresh to order. Offered in 3 flavors:

Signature (Original)


Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free

Banana Bread

Signature - $ 10.00 kyd

Nutella - $ 14.00 kyd

Vegan...- $ 12.00 kyd

Our Dash of love is our homemade Banana Bread dipping sauce. 


"an extra dash of love to complete your banana bread experience"

Dash of Love

$5.00 kyd

Our thyme crackers is one of the items that highlight the amazing herbs offered on our farm as well as other local farms. Here we include it into a light fresh cracker to accompany just about anything.

Co-Co Thyme Crackers

$ 6.00 kyd


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands