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New Year, New Table

HAPPY NEW YEAR, from our table to yours. We are over the moon to finally be able to start this new year by letting a few goodies out of the bag. We've listed a few of our exciting news below, but don't think that this is all of them. There will be even more treats, you just have to wait a little longer to see.

This past year required so much effort and patience as we worked tirelessly on having everything in order to give you our all. We have listened to your requests, observed the trends and now we are looking forward to a year of serving you, our amazing clients, to the fullest.

What's New to the Table

Launching our website:

Well, of course we have to start with this one. This was definitely a hard secret to keep as we sat on it for a while. :-) We have created our one stop shop for all of our services provided at TIA's Table. No more mass emails updating you on what is new, or you having to ask what we offer. You are now able to order our banana bread with a click of a button from our very own website. Updates at the tip of your fingers and all of our services listed in one spot for your convenience.

We have expanded:

Whew, we said it, TIA's Table is now expanding our menu and our services. You all have been asking when this would be coming for some time now, and we are finally able to listen and accommodate this request. This section also took some time in the making. All because we wanted to ensure that we brought each and everyone of you a little of what you were looking for.

Lets us put our hands together for only part one of what 's to come for TIA's Table. We look forward and thank you for your continuous support.

Let's Blog:

Our last goodie out of the bag is our blog. A place to find all of our updates, fun little recipes, food thoughts, food loves and great cooking and eating tips. Why hold all this love inside when we can share it with the world and we promise it won't be boring.

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