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TIA's Table Ltd.

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"From Our Table to Yours"

We at TIA's Table Ltd. believe that food is

an experience starting at the farm; touching not just our mouths, but nourishing all of our senses, thus inspiring a flawless journey of aroma and taste throughout our brands.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  |

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Gourmet & Sophisticated Grazing in the Cayman Islands. Offering mouthwatering boxes filled with an abundance of delicious food and fresh produce. 

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TIA's Table is ready to help plan your perfect event. Ensuring an outstanding culinary experience. We appeal to all the senses by using the highest quality local and imported ingredients to create visually innovative and meticulously crafted dining for any occasion.


In 2013, Chef Timisha's parents laid the foundation for their family’s Egg Farm, and providing fresh local eggs to the community.

Organic Eggs

Chef Edwards

“From our table to yours is more than just a saying. Its what we beleive.”

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